The Turkey Sandwich, Elevated

19 Jul

What’s not to like about a turkey and cheese sandwich? Lots of protein, reliably tasty, and keeps you filled up for a few hours.

Only…boring. Turkey sandwiches can be boring. Because they’re always the same. Vary the cheese, and then it’s lettuce, tomato, and mayo or mustard, on the bread of your choice. Zzzzzzz.

Remember my thing about blueberry muffins? Same vacation…I discovered this wonderful turkey sandwich. Different shop. This one was a little cafe with a beautiful, shaded deck among the trees. And I normally get tuna there, because their tuna has fresh dill in it and it’s amazingly good. But this trip, I was trying to not eat quite so much mayo, and so I ordered this turkey and gouda sandwich because it sounded a bit more virtuous.

It was SO good. And now I re-create it at home for lunch pretty regularly. Just a few ingredients that I’d never thought to put together, and yum.

You’ll need…

Deli-style sliced turkey. I prefer honey smoked, but whatever floats your culinary boat. I use about four or five slices.

Deli-style sliced gouda cheese. My cafe uses smoked, but I can’t find that in the grocery stores here, so I use the smoked turkey and regular gouda.

Baby spinach leaves. The bagged stuff is fine. Rinse it first, though.

Roasted red peppers. The jarred kind. Pat dry and slice into thin strips.

A few thin slices of red onion. Don’t go overboard–those suckers are strong. You want just a hint.

Mayo. I like light Miracle Whip, but again…pick your own poison.

Hearty bread. Whole wheat, multiple-grain, etc. My favorite is sunflower and that’s what the cafe uses.

So the procedure is simple. It’s a sandwich. Spread a little mayo on the bread, and then layer the turkey, cheese, spinach, a few strips of pepper and onion, and then the other slice of bread. Slice and eat.

It’s not rocket science, and it’s not going to make me a chef anytime soon (I’m a family cook, not a chef. Toldja that already). But it’s quick and simple and pretty healthy, really, and makes my mouth happy. Could be worse…

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