Baked Chickpeas: Fail

30 Jul

A few nights ago, I had a handful of friends over for a “mid-summer whine and cheese” party, to commemorate the middle of our kids’ summer break and commiserate about the same. I knew I had at least one guest with a nut allergy and planned accordingly, picking appetizers and desserts to make that had no nuts and no worries about cross-contamination from ingredients manufactured in plants that process nuts. No big deal.

But I did want a little bowl out of a crunchy something to replace the traditional bowl of cashews on the table. So I did a search and tried this recipe for baked chickpeas, which should have fit the bill.

Despite following the directions to a T (minus the black pepper, which didn’t seem nut-like to me at all) and leaving these in the oven for more than twice the time called for, the chickpeas never crunched up. They looked like nuts, to be sure, and the spice was good, but they were still chickpeas. Soft and bean-y inside. Which wasn’t at all what I was going for.

I tried a few, and one or two other people tried a few, and then the whole lot went in the trash.

Recipes sometimes fail. It happens. Chalk it up to insufficient testing or perhaps operator error, and move on. But skip the baked chickpeas.

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