A Welcome and Some Notes

3 Sep

Now that we’ve gotten a little settled in around here, I thought I’d say hi to all of you.


Welcome to the blog–I hope you’ll stick around.

I am not a chef. I’ve had no formal culinary training–not even a Williams Sonoma demonstration class. I watched my mom and her mom growing up and learned a bunch from them, I’m a Food Network junkie, and I read a lot (a lot) of cooking books and magazines. I’m a working mom of two who likes to play with my food for the pure joy of it and to get healthy meals on the table without losing my mind, sharing what I learn with you and hoping you’ll share with me too.

A few housekeeping items, now that we’ve been here for a few weeks.

See those categories down the right-hand side of your screen? You can click on any one of those to bring up every post that fits. So if you’re ever looking for a simple and easy dinner recipe, you click one or both of those and get those posts. I added “gluten free” the other day and have gone back through to tag appropriate recipes. If there’s another category you’d like to see here, by all means, leave me a comment.

If you click on a post title, you’ll go to that post by itself. And if you scroll down to the bottom of that post, you’ll see a bunch of little buttons–Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. Clicking on those will share that post. So clicking on Facebook will share a link to that recipe on your Facebook profile, etc. Click away, frequently and with reckless abandon. Sharing is good.

I’ve added a blogroll of my favorite cooking blogs–go over and check them out if you get a moment. Let me know if you have any favorites I’ve missed, too!

You can also subscribe to this blog, so a shiny new post will show up like magic in your email whenever I’ve published something. And you can pull the whole thing into Google Reader if you want to, but click on over every so often–I get a kick out of seeing how many people have been here every day (I need more hobbies, I know).

Lastly, I’d love to be included in your blogroll if you have your own site–and please let me know about your site so I can read that too!

Comments are always welcome and very much appreciated, and I love questions, requests, or suggestions. Bring it on.

Thanks for stopping by today. More fun in the kitchen next week–have a lovely weekend!

Kim 🙂

One Response to “A Welcome and Some Notes”

  1. Missy September 3, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    I have a request! Now that most of the young’uns are back in school, I’d love to hear your ideas on easy but HEALTHY breakfast, brown-bag lunch and after-school snack ideas for the little rascals. I really struggle with this and too often end up giving them too many things that come in a bag with a bunch of ingredients (most of which I can’t pronounce) printed on the back. Maybe things that can be prepared on Sunday or Monday and then snacked on thru the school week. Love your blog and planning to make the crockpot sweet & sour chix next week! Keep ’em coming, friend!

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