Spicy Saturday

6 Sep

Saturday, DH took the kids out for the day giving me a whole non-work day to my lonesome. Woot! There was lots to do–a feature to finish writing, soccer cleats to be bought, last-minute school supplies to be found, and a birthday party gift to be purchased for a party yesterday.

Toys R Us is in a strip mall next to World Market, which rocks–World Market has some of the best kitchen toys around, for great prices. And in the photo above is my score for the day: eight super fun glass and stainless spice jars that were about $1 each. I also bought a commercial-grade, powder coated muffin tin for about $8, so it felt like Christmas. 🙂

I buy my spices at a bulk Amish market: they’re fresher and much cheaper than those in the little jars at the grocery store. But they come in big plastic containers and storage is an issue, both because they take up a lot of shelf space and because they’re just not very attractive. See?

I’ve been looking for alternate storage for awhile, but I don’t want the metal magnetic jars that are so popular right now and didn’t want to spend a fortune. These little glass jars are perfect–the lids have both shakers and spoon-holes in them, and they look super pretty in a little glass-doored cabinet in my kitchen. They’re all filled up with the loot from my last Amish market run–lemon pepper, Italian seasoning, dried oregano, ground cumin, ground cardamom, cinnamon, garlic powder, and dill weed. The leftovers went into the freezer in their plastic containers, where they’ll keep for a long time.

How do you store your spices? And what are your favorites? Leave me a comment!

Happy Saturday to me and my kitchen. It smells amazing in there!

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