Soft Scrambled Eggs

13 Dec

I had big plans for today. I had four articles to work on, two Christmas gifts to buy at the sporting goods store, a mistake Christmas gift to exchange at Target, stamps to purchase, client Christmas cards to address, two scout meetings to attend with two children, three necklaces to make and ship from my Etsy store, and a house to scrub down after the weekend. So I went to bed early last night, with visions of credit cards and car keys dancing in my head.

Thank goodness for small favors, because I was jolted into consciousness at 2:30 this morning by the unmistakeable sound of a child throwing up in the next room.

It wouldn’t be the holidays if somebody didn’t get sick, right? To make a long story short, there’s been one little nap between then and now, along with a lot of laundry, a lot of Mommy-comforting, a little work, a little more juggling to get child #2 to and from while child #1 stayed within 10 feet of the potty at all times, and coffee. God bless and keep coffee.

It’s 8:20 p.m. as I write this. The sick child has been–blessedly–asleep for an hour. He’ll stay home with me tomorrow. The well child was brought home from her scout meeting by a very sweet neighbor (thank you, thank you), helped with homework and a shower, given dinner, and cajoled into silence with a normally-forbidden TV show so her brother could sleep. Every surface of the house has been washed in hot water or Cloroxed into submission. The husband is out to the movies with friends, the Labrigator is passed out in a corner (having spent the whole day whimpering and pacing over her Boy), and I am snuggled into my favorite chair with my laptop, next to my lit Christmas tree, hoping against hope that things will stay quiet until daylight.

All of this is a very long-winded way of saying it was a comfort food kind of night. I needed something soft and warm. Slow-cooked scrambled eggs were perfect (along with a slice of white toast with grape jam; sometimes a girl needs Wonderbread, yes?).

Slow-cooked scrambled eggs are just that–eggs cooked over a very low flame, just until they’re firm. They take a few extra minutes, but once you’ve had them, you’ll never want them any other way.

I highly recommend free-range organic eggs. I am not a health food girl, but free-range eggs taste nothing (nothing!) like conventional eggs. They are amazing. And they only cost a few cents more. I also recommend eating whole eggs. Look, an egg is a whopping 75 calories. Do yourself a favor. Satisfy all of your senses and eat the dang yolk every so often. You’ll ultimately be more satisfied and your taste buds will be ecstatic.

With that, my pretties, I’m off to slumber myself. I hope you’ll try these, breakfast or dinner. It’s so simple, but makes an amazing difference on the plate. You just need:

2 eggs, preferably organic, free-range

1 tbsp milk (use water in a pinch)

A sliver of real butter–as thin as you can slice one off the stick

Heat a small pan over low heat for about five minutes, while you whisk together the eggs and milk in a bowl. Don’t beat them up! Gently whisk, so you blend together the whites, yolks, and milk, and incorporate some air in there.

Spray your pan with nonstick spray or olive oil, and melt the tiny pat of butter. Pour in the eggs. Using a silicone spatula (wooden spoons are nasty, ladies and gentlemen), gently stir, stir, stir. You’re blending together the egg mixture with the butter, and you’re incorporating a bit more air.

Stir them every minute or so until they’re cooked. Not cooked to within an inch of their lives, but still a bit on the runny side–they’ll finish up on the plate. Slide them onto your plate, give them a minute to wrap things up, and enjoy.

One Response to “Soft Scrambled Eggs”

  1. Ali December 20, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    We joke and call non-organic or free range eggs – sweatshop eggs. =)

    Sounds yummy!

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