1 Jan

Happy 2011 gang.

I learned in the past 24 hours, that New Year’s Eve night is an outstanding time to do the weekly grocery shopping, and that New Year’s Day morning is a phenomenal time to hit Target. Because I am awesome like that.

I am also hoping this year is better than last. And also that you all will continue visiting me here and telling me what you’re playing with in your own kitchens. I love, love, love reading about your culinary adventures and hearing how some of the recipes here have worked for you! Keep it coming.

I just made my first batch of sweet potato oven fries using my new mandoline, and can safely say I am in love with that little gadget. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, fries. Hee hee!

This year, I’m adding a little red meat back into my diet. I haven’t cooked beef or voluntarily ordered it for 13 years, but the body wants more iron and the soul, quite frankly, wants cow now and again (sorry, cows). Lamb and pork will stay off limits (forever, thank you), but beef is back in. So you’ll hear about my learning what to do with it as the year goes on. I hope you can teach me a few things!

I’m also going to experiment more with seafood. I’m great with salmon and shrimp. It’s time to broaden the horizons a bit and branch out. Tilapia grosses me out on a number of levels, but other fish will be introduced to the family, and I’ll let you know how things go there. It’ll be fun! Promise!

Tonight, we’d planned a winter cookout. We were then foiled by an empty propane tank on the outside grill. Drat! But no matter–I pulled out the cast iron grill pan and fired up my griddle burner (absolutely worth the money to get one if you’re stove shopping anytime soon–it’s a long, narrow burner that runs down one side or the middle of the cooktop, and fits a double-burner grill/griddle perfectly with no cold spots) and we had real hamburgers for dinner. Nobody has thrown up yet and everyone but me had two, so I guess I did OK with my first round of beef.

My resolution for this blog is to continue having fun with it. I really find a tremendous amount of joy in my kitchen, and I hope you will too.

Tomorrow, a recipe. Tonight, I wish you all a wonderful new beginning and a beautiful year. See you at the dinner table!




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