Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

7 Feb

And LOTS of other dinners too! The Facebook fan who’s getting a shiny new copy of Aviva Goldfarb’s “SOS: The Six O’Clock Scramble To the Rescue” is Kimberly Bloebaum!! Yay! (Awesome name you have, too, Kimberly!).

We’ll have another giveaway soon. Thanks to everybody who entered–I’m so happy to see you on on Facebook and I love reading your ideas and thoughts over on our wall. Kimberly, email me your mailing address (mywriter at gmail dot com) and I’ll have the book sent to you. Congratulations again!

So what did everybody make for Superbowl? We ended up with burgers on the indoor grill, by popular vote (my barbecue chicken was voted out by a landslide…sniff, sniff!), with pancakes earlier in the day. It was a great food day.

More ideas for you later in the week, gang. Happy Monday!

One Response to “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”

  1. Ali February 7, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Congrats to Kimberly!!

    Sliders sound yummy. We had pizza take out – yummy!!

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