Out of the Box, and Why That’s OK

17 Feb

It has been a heck of a week here in family-land. Colds and ear infections and sinus headaches, oh my! And deadlines that keep coming (thank goodness) and a traveling spouse and papers to sign, projects to finish, and everything else that keeps life with four people, a house, and a dog humming along. It’s been one of those weeks when I try not to sit down much, because if I sit for too long, my chin drops to my chest and I run the risk of dozing off right there.

You’ve had them. We’ve all had them. And the result is that “optional” activities go out the window for a bit. Around here, that means less reading for me and less cooking from scratch.

Yesterday, my daughter (ear infection kid) wanted something different for breakfast. I opened the pantry and spied a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix, which takes three minutes to stir together and 15 minutes to bake.

“Corn muffin?” I asked. She nodded. Done. Pour, mix, bake, cool, breakfast.

They weren’t from scratch. Mrs. Cleaver doesn’t live here, at least not full-time. And that’s OK. They were delicious and hot and fresh and different, which satisfied my daughter’s need at that moment. They were easy and fast and involved one bowl and one muffin tin in the dishwasher, which met my requirements for another hurricane morning. And having something warm and toasty from the oven is super comforting, no matter how it got there.

I love to play in my kitchen. It is, as we’ve said before, my zen and my happy place. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take help when I can get it, and take it with a little thank-you to the box that made it possible.

Simple, easy, good. Rock on.

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