Super-Fast Friday: First, Turn on the Burner

25 Mar

Happy Friday!

Today’s tip is pretty simple, but I’ve seen enough people ignore it to think that maybe it hasn’t been explained before. So here you go.

Heat up your pans before you put any food in them.

I know. You do. But if you’re having food stickage or a sad lack of crunch when there should be some, or your searing isn’t quite restaurant-quality, the chances are high that your pan wasn’t hot enough when the food hit. Assuming you’re using something other than a Teflon nonstick pan (which should never be preheated over anything hotter than a medium-low flame, lest what some believe to be toxic fumes permeate the house), your pan should be good and hot when the food goes in. That’ll give you a lovely sear, a delightful crunch, and a great cook-and-release feature that simply lets your yummies go once they’re golden brown and delicious.

Turn on your burner while you chop and prep your food and let that pan heat up. You’ll spend less time waiting for your food to cook, less time cleaning up after dinner, and you’ll have more fun and yummier meals.

See you next week!

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