Santa Came!

9 Jun

With a little help, anyway.

Remember my much-hated side-by-side refrigerator/freezer?

It’s GONE!!

Santa and my clients (whom I love very much) brought me a bee-yoo-tiful French door, bottom-freezer refrigerator, and I might have to marry it, I love it so much. Want to know why? Because my daughter came home from school, opened it up, said, “Where’s all the food from the other fridge?” and it was ALL IN THERE!!

I can fit a lasagna pan.

I can fit a pizza box.

I can fit an ice cream cake. Hell, I can fit ice cream!

Excited is not the word, my friends. I had a terrible, awful, no-good, very bad day the other day, and told a friend that I was going to go hug my new appliance so I’d feel better. And I was not kidding.

My only issue is organizing the freezer, which is a drawer-style. How do I keep things from being buried down there? Do any of you have a system? Please let me know in the comments.

Kitchen toys are the best toys in the world!


ps–The old fridge did not go to the landfill. It went to Habitat for Humanity, and they even drove out here to pick it up. I’m happy to be rid of it, and happy someone else will love it as it deserves. 🙂

One Response to “Santa Came!”

  1. gizziechick June 9, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    Congrats!!!! Good luck with the drawer organizing – I’ve never had to so I’m no help.

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