9 Sep

I may be the only one, but I’m on a conscious boycott of the Discovery networks this week.

I remember September 11, 2001 very well–I was on vacation with my husband and then-12-week-old son in a cabin with a lake in front and deep woods behind, watching Good Morning America in hopes of finding a local weather forecast so we could decide whether to rent a boat for the day. Like everybody else, I though the first plane was an accident–some small craft pilot smacking into the building like a kid hitting a tree with his bike. And then the towers collapsed and the world did too, and it was horrible and awful and life-altering.

And now it’s been 10 years, and, in my humble opinion, the networks (Discovery being the worst) have turned the events of that day into the Superbowl of terrorism. Nonstop promos and specials and “previously unreleased footage” designed to shock us all over again, glue us to our TV sets, and–let’s be honest–sell ads. The day, which should be commemorated in a respectful fashion, has been commercialized and billboarded and screamed from the rooftops. The kids in my kids’ classes are more than a little wigged out, thanks to the constant media onslaught, and more than one parent has told me tales of being asked what floor they work on during the day, how fast they could get to school if more planes came, and whether that really might happen again.

I won’t be watching TV on Sunday. I’ll be with my family off doing something normal, having said a prayer in my own head and heart that morning for all those families who were ripped apart a decade ago and for all of those ripped apart by similar acts since, and for some kind of peace for everyone. We’ll gather around our table that night and spend some time together watching our favorite shows (assuming they’re not pre-empted by 9/11 coverage), and I’ll tuck my kids into bed that night with our customary stories and kisses and hugs. I’ll likely bake something, because that’s comforting to me on a personal level, and put together a nice dinner, because that’s how we’ve come together for generations, over Sunday dinner.

I’ll be in my kitchen with my family. As will immense numbers of Americans, all hoping for the same things as we all move forward. As it should be.


One Response to “Gathering”

  1. Michelle Moore September 9, 2011 at 9:30 am #

    Very, very well said! I agree 100% and continue to love your posts. Thank you!! Michelle Moore

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