Whipped Cream Redux

22 Nov

You might remember that last August (2010), DH sprayed “Happy Birthday” in our driveway with a can of whipped cream, and that a few weeks later, it hadn’t quite vanished. Which made our family rethink that stuff that comes in the cans.

That picture up there? I took that this morning. Fifteen months after the sweet message landed on our concrete. Fifteen months of rain (including a hurricane) and snow and basketball and cars and people and garbage cans, and a lot of stuff…a lot more than goes in inside your body.

See what I’m saying, y’all?

You can see my original post on how easy it is to make whipped cream, and now that you’ve seen a real-world science experiment with that canned stuff, I’d urge you to rethink the convenience route. To make it a little more special for Thanksgiving, drizzle a little maple syrup in there while you’re whipping–it’s fantabulous. If you need it to travel, add a few pinched of cream of tartar, which will help it stand up longer.

Happy Thanksgiving, gang!

2 Responses to “Whipped Cream Redux”

  1. Gayle Haeffner November 22, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    That is just scary.

  2. BethAnn Dranguet November 23, 2011 at 11:58 am #

    I will forever picture that each time I look at a can of whipped cream!

    People often say I look very young for my age. I have a theory (untested) that people are looking younger these days because of the preservatives in our food. Think about it – when we were kids, did our 40-year old mothers/aunts, look as young as we do now? We are really the first generation to have had things like Twinkies, Chef Boyardee and McDondalds readily available. It is proven that forensic science is being aided by preservatives in food because they are slowing decomposition. If that is true when we die, couldn’t preservatives also have a similar effect while we are still alive? Something to think about.

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