23 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, gang! If you’re cooking at home, know I’m slightly jealous, and that my wish for you is that you leave the bird on the counter for 30 minutes once he’s cooked before you attack him with a knife (trust me–do it).

If you’ll enjoy your meal at someone else’s house, I hope you enjoy your day of relative relaxation, and I hope you pitch in with the dishes once the table’s been cleared.

I hope you enjoy the company of those you love, and I hope you have lots of wine and a great, big smile to deal with those you don’t. No matter what, I hope you’ll relax and enjoy the day with all of its butter-and-cream-laden goodness, and I hope you have tons to be thankful for. I’m giving thanks for all of you who visit my blog and share it with your friends, because it truly is a joy for me to write and I love hearing from all of you.

Happy T-day, y’all. Have a wonderful one. Catch you next week!

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