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A Cookbook Winner and A Giveaway Winner!

2 Sep

Happy Friday, y’all!

My brother and sister-in-law were kind enough to give me a bookstore giftcard for my birthday this year, and with it, I snagged the above cookbook–Sweet Magic, by Michel Richard.


Those of you who’ve been around here for awhile know about my little foodie crush on the owner of Citronelle, Central, and Michel. If you’re new, I can explain it in one sentence.

Michel Richard is a master of flavors and textures, but he also believes that food should be FUN, both in eating and cooking. He encourages playing with food, and all kinds of food, from the finest cuts of meat all the way to Cocoa Puffs. Which is pretty darned awesome, especially for one of the world’s most highly-regarded chefs.

This book is no exception. I finally had a chance to curl up in my favorite chair yesterday afternoon and read it, cover to cover. You’ll want to do the same thing–the book not only contains amazing dessert recipes, but dozens of wonderful stories, along with Richard’s drawings and paintings of his food. I found myself laughing out loud, nodding along, and almost cheering at some points.

Case in point: You know how most of the big-name chefs insist that you melt chocolate in double-boilers? Pain in the rear, yes? Richard has no patience for it and says there’s no reason to pull out so much stuff and wash so many pans when you have a microwave at your disposal.

Alleluia, my friend. Preach it.

You’ll also find out about Richard’s fondness for KFC, donuts, and chocolate chip cookies; hear the story about the dogs he set up when a wedding cake was damaged in transit (one of my favorite food stories), and learn a ton about the tools and techniques you actually need in your kitchen, and those you can toss away in favor of simpler ideas. Along the way, you’ll consider ingredients from homemade puff pastry to Cocoa Pebbles (I’m not kidding–he makes a dessert with them), and hear a whole bunch about having fun playing with your food. As a bonus, there are quite a few gluten-free desserts (including a Buche de Noel) that are made that way not because of the demand for such sweets, but because they just taste better that way.

Sweet Magic is a winner from cover to cover. The recipes are wonderful, the stories are entertaining, the illustrations are whimsical, and the whole experience is fun. I recommend it.


We have a winner from our giveaway! Lots of you “liked” the blog on Facebook and I’m so excited about that! I hope you’ll stick around and play with us!

The winner of the $30 Williams-Sonoma giftcard is…MELODEE DONLAN! Yay!! Melodee, shoot me a message through Facebook or leave a note on the wall with your email address, and I’ll get your gift right out to you (and then please let us know what you bought!).

Thanks to everybody who played this time. More giveaways to come. Have a wonderful weekend!!



A Bribe! I mean, A Prize!

17 Aug

Have you liked Playing With My Dinner on Facebook yet?

Will you do it to win stuff? (Hang in there if the answer to the first question was “yes.” You’re in too.)

As if it’s not enough to chat about food and kitchen fun on our fantabulous wall, I have a great prize for new fans and people who refer new fans over there on Facebook. So here’s the deal. Either:

1) “Like” Playing With My Dinner on Facebook and post a note on the wall saying hi so I know you’re new in town, or

2) Convince a friend to “like” the blog and post a note telling me you referred them, and…

You can win a $30 giftcard to Williams-Sonoma! Buy yourself a super fun present to have even more fun by the stove!

I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner bright and early on September 1, and the giftcard will arrive shortly after that in the lucky winner’s email box.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and like me! Tell your friends! Go shopping! Whooo-hooooo!





3 Mar

Are you ready to win something fabulous??

Cookbook author and renowned food writer Monica Bhide has graciously offered our readers a signed copy of her beautiful cookbook, Modern Spice! Modern Spice has won acclaim from all sorts of foodie publications from all over the world, and is a delight to page through and even more fun to cook from. You’ll learn all about the fragrant spices we all use or wonder about, with recipes that are sure to delight your entire family.

I’m super excited to give this one away, gang. It is a GORGEOUS book–one you’ll want to leave out all the time.

To win it, leave a comment on this post, telling us what your favorite spice is and why, and (bonus points!) which spice you’re curious about or would like to know how to use.

Share this post to get extra entries–post it on Facebook or Twitter, and them come back here and leave another comment with a link to your post.

I’ll announce a winner on March 14, so HURRY!!!




Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

7 Feb

And LOTS of other dinners too! The Facebook fan who’s getting a shiny new copy of Aviva Goldfarb’s “SOS: The Six O’Clock Scramble To the Rescue” is Kimberly Bloebaum!! Yay! (Awesome name you have, too, Kimberly!).

We’ll have another giveaway soon. Thanks to everybody who entered–I’m so happy to see you on on Facebook and I love reading your ideas and thoughts over on our wall. Kimberly, email me your mailing address (mywriter at gmail dot com) and I’ll have the book sent to you. Congratulations again!

So what did everybody make for Superbowl? We ended up with burgers on the indoor grill, by popular vote (my barbecue chicken was voted out by a landslide…sniff, sniff!), with pancakes earlier in the day. It was a great food day.

More ideas for you later in the week, gang. Happy Monday!

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